Hydraulische buigmachine HB10, inclusief grote set buigmallen!

Model 1600 w/028 Die Package for bending, expanding, swaging 1 ½ through 3 inch.
•Manual Depth-of-Bend Indicator, Manual Control.
•Complete end-forming capabilities                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ————————————–

Comes with comprehensive tooling package and instructional DVD
Easy-To-Use Knee Pad Control
Manual Depth-of-Bend Indicator
Complete Manual Control
58,000 lbs of tube bending power – More than enough for 3″ tubing
Agricultural Cylinders
Flat Tool Tray
Bending Die Retainer
Heavy-Duty Swager/Expander
Rugged I-Beam Construction
Exclusive Safety-Guard Package
Front Swivel Casters w/o Brakes

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